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Advanced Plumbing has a history of serving our community’s plumbing needs for over 30 years and each of the communities we service have histories unique to the area that have defined the region. If you’ve got a plumbing need don’t hesitate to call us, if you want to learn more about the area we service, click the links below.

Berrien County Michigan

Berrien County is located in the southwestern corner of Michigan. It is bordered by Indiana to the south and Lake Michigan to the west. Named for U.S. Attorney General John M. Berrien under President Andrew Jackson, Berrien County has a long and storied history. Many of the cities and villages of Berrien County stand on the locations of historical trading posts, forts, or places once occupied by Native peoples. A region once known for its saw mills and timber, Berrien County today has thriving tourist and agriculture industries. Along the coast of Lake Michigan, Berrien County is lined with sandy beaches, woodlands, and river tributaries. The coastal towns of Berrien County have several popular resorts and golf clubs. The rolling hills and forests host wineries, orchards, and rural agriculture communities. Berrien County is the southernmost region of the Michigan Fruit Belt, a coastal strip along Lake Michigan that has an excellent climate for growing fruit. One of the world’s major fruit markets is located in Benton Harbor of Berrien County.


Niles, MI, sits along the Joseph River in Niles Township of Berrien County, at an elevation of 658 feet. Surrounded by rolling hills and rich farmland, Niles sits near the site of Fort St. Joseph, which was established in 1697 to protect a Jesuit mission in the area. Niles is known as the City of Four Flags, as the fort was over the course of history was held by France, Britain, Spain, and finally the United States. The town of Niles, as it exists today, was founded in 1827, continuing its storied history as an important stop for the Underground Railroad.

Benton Harbor

Benton Harbor can be found along the banks of the Joseph River in southwest Michigan in Berrien County. Benton Harbor, at an elevation of 590 ft., sits among scenic rolling hills and steep creek beds and river banks. Rivers in the Benton Harbor area include the Paw Paw River, Ox Creek, and Sand Creek. A canal runs through the Paw Paw River, forming the harbor for which Benton Harbor is named. Benton Harbor’s current location was previously swampland, until the construction of the canal transformed the area into a shipping and manufacturing center. Benton Harbor was incorporated into a village in 1869, and then a city in 1891.

Saint Joseph

Saint Joseph, MI, is a lovely resort community and deep water port town on the shores of Lake Michigan at the mouth of the St. Joseph River. Only 90 miles from Chicago in Berrien County, Saint Joseph is a popular destination for tourists. The rivers banks are lined with sand dunes and woodlands. The countryside is full of orchards and vineyards, part of the Fruit Belt of the Midwest. Saint Joseph was incorporated as a village in 1834, and a city in 1891. A few short years later, Saint Joseph became the seat of Berrien County in 1894.

Chikaming Township

Chikaming Township can be found on the shores of Lake Michigan on the Red Arrow Highway. Chikaming Township contains the unincorporated communities of Sawyer, Harbert, and Lakeside, with Union Pier partially in the township. Established in 1856, Chikaming Township grew up around a community of saw mills built in the area by Silas Sawyer and the Wilkinson brothers. Chikaming Township is a popular area for summer homes, and the main industry today is tourism. With seven beaches and rich woodlands, Chikaming Township offers a variety of outdoor activities, local festivals, and popular farmers markets.


Hartford is a small hometown community found in southwestern Van Buren County. Although located in Hartford Township, Hartford is a politically independent entity. Hartford contains one of the endpoints of the Van Buren Trail, a 14-mile unimproved rail trail popular with horseback riders during the summer, and snowmobilers during the winter. Hartford sites at an elevation of 659 ft., surrounded by agricultural farms, rivers, and lakes. The Hartford Motor Speedway is a popular destination for racing in spring, summer, and fall. Convenient to Interstate 94, Hartford has easy access to both Chicago and Detroit.


Bridgman, MI, is located on the shores of Lake Michigan in Berrien County. The town of Bridgman was established to support a railroad depot built in 1870 by Chicago Michigan and Lakeshore Railroad. Bridgman is a rural community, surrounded by farmland, rolling hills, and woodlands, offering many outdoor activities and scenic views to tourists. Bridgman is home to Weko Beach, a popular lakeshore attraction. Via Weko Beach, visitors from Bridgman can travel to Warren Dunes State Park, which consists of nearly three consecutive miles of beach. Warren Dunes State Park is known as one of Michigan’s best state parks.

New Buffalo

New Buffalo, MI, is located on the shores of Lake Michigan at the mouth of the Galien River in Berrien County. Thanks to the naturally formed New Buffalo Harbor, the Galien River has made the area a popular boating destination for both residents and tourists. New Buffalo has established itself as a popular resort town, taking advantage of easy access to Chicago and Detroit via Interstate 94. New Buffalo hosts a variety of festivals year-round, excellent farmers’ markets, and outdoor activities. The New Buffalo area is to provide some of the best fishing in Michigan for salmon, trout, and perch.

Berrien Springs

Berrien Springs is a village in Oronoko Charter Township, located in Berrien County. Berrien Springs is named for John M. Berrien, and the local mineral springs. Berrien Springs is home to Michigan’s oldest courthouse, dating back to 1839 when Berrien Springs was still the seat of Berrien County. A rural farming community, Berrien Springs is surrounding by woodlands, lakes, and rivers, offering outdoor entertainment and excellent fishing in the St. Joseph River. Berrien Springs is a mere 12 miles from Lake Michigan, and convenient to Andres University, as well as the Berrien County Youth Fairgrounds.


Watervliet is known as a popular area of Berrien County for purchasing summer homes, with a healthy tourist industry. Watervliet is a Dutch word that means “where the waters meet,” and the town is convenient to both Lake Michigan and Paw Paw Lake. With easy access to Interstate 94, Watervliet is a popular stop between Chicago and Detroit. Surrounded by agricultural farmland today, Watervliet was founded around the timber industry following the establishment of several saw mills in the early 1800’s. Watervliet is part of Michigan’s ‘Fruit Belt,’ home to Harvey Sherwood, who in the late 1800’s was known as the “Apple King of Michigan,” boasting one the largest apple orchards in the state.


Coloma is a city located in Berrien County of southwest Michigan. Surrounded by rich farmland, orchards, and vineyards, Coloma is part of the region known as the Fruit Belt. Coloma celebrates this annually with the Glad-Peach Festival, held every August. Situated halfway between Chicago and Detroit on Interstate 94, Coloma makes a convenient and scenic stop for tourists and travelers. The area around Coloma is thick with lakes, rivers, and wilderness areas, offering a variety of outdoor recreation. Coloma began as a manufacturing site for wooden shingles during the height of the timber industry in the 1800’s, originally known as “Shingle Diggins.”


Sawyer, MI, is part of Chikaming Township in Berrien County. An unincorporated community, Sawyer was founded in 1856 and named for Silas Sawyer, who was the first supervisor of Chikaming Township. Silas Sawyer was a judge from Ohio who decided to move west and become a farmer. Upon arriving in the region that would become Chikaming in the 1850’s, Sawyer founded several saw mills, and planted one of the first orchards in Michigan’s Fruit Belt. Sawyer is home to Warren Sand Dunes, a lovely state part that includes three miles of sandy beach, with 1500 acres of trails, dune lands and woodlands.


Riverside, MI, is a rural farming community located on the shores of Lake Michigan in the Fruit Belt. Riverside is an unincorporated community in Hagar Township of Berrien County. Riverside is surrounded by dense woodland, offering many outdoor activities. The Paw Paw River, popular for fishing flows southwest of Riverside, offering salmon and trout seasonally. Accessible by Interstate 96, Riverside is convenient to the many entertainments of Berrien County, including shopping, festivals, and boating. This makes Riverside in Hagar Township a popular area to purchase summer homes, allowing seasonal residents to enjoy the temperate weather and sandy beaches of Lake Michigan.